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Kids’ Boxing & Bootcamps

At its core, our kids’ boxing & boot camps revolve around using technical boxing drills (e.g. shadow boxing bag work, partner drills, cardio callisthenics, pad work, and core exercises) that allow kids from 5 years old to learn, develop, and refine boxing skills and abilities in a fun and social environment. No matter their current level. These classes are also designed to improve coordination, power, speed, agility, and mental performance–so your kid grows into a well-rounded individual. 

Of course, while we do have the resources and knowledge to groom a world-class fighter, we understand that not every kiddo will have that aspiration. That’s why our other, primary goal of these classes is to help build life skills through martial arts. Your child will learn confidence, mental strength, discipline, focus, and much more. Ultimately, if you want to develop your child both physically and mentally, our kids’ boxing and boot camps will be the perfect fit.

Personal One-on-One Training

Have specific fitness goals you want to work toward, or just prefer a cozier environment? Our one-to-one training sessions are perfect then! Here, expect dedicated attention from our fully-qualified and trained instructors who can correct your exercise form and teach you the correct posture. That’s regardless of fitness aspect: be it weight loss, improving muscle strength and tone, or even boxing and kickboxing techniques. 

Once you’ve made your goals clear, our instructors will get to work. They’ll design each session with specific training objectives, providing the necessary progressions, so you turn your fitness goals into reality. With our wide range of fitness and sports equipment, our trainers promise to create a different, dynamic, and fresh routine every time you visit–so you never get bored. And, of course, all sessions will be curated to fit your personality, so you’ll feel like you’re working out with a family member right here at Shapehouse! 

Nutrition counseling

Expert advice tailored to you. Understand how you can optimise your diet to enhance your performance and physique, without having to eliminate the foods you love.

“Customized consultation available upon request.”

Boxing & Kickboxing

Focusing on fundamental technique, pad-work, combination punching, and bag work, our boxing & kickboxing classes here in Australia are designed to teach, test, and challenge you–no matter your level. Learn everything you need to develop as a kickboxer/boxer. From how to wrap your hands to foot positioning, to punches, and defence drills; it’ll be the most physically and mentally rewarding training you’ll ever do. Looking for something more? Our coaches–who are real, professional, ex-fighters–also conduct sparring sessions (pending your skill level and their discretion) that’ll help you learn how to combine offensive and defensive skills into a single fluid style.

Don’t want to be a professional fighter? That’s OK! Our boxing and kickboxing classes are still designed to be hot, sweaty, and intense, so you get a fun and effective workout in. Punch and kick your way into knockout shape. Best of all, you only have to bring yourself (and a can-do attitude). You’ll get full access to kick pads, body armour, boxing gloves, and kickboxing bags.

Women’s Only Classes

Exactly as it sounds like–our women’s only classes are dedicated specifically to females looking to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness, and build lean muscle. Our classes combine weights, functional training, and boxing techniques to blast all major muscle groups so you can put your metabolism into overdrive in just 1 hour. Look forward to inspirational coaches and like-minded women who will be down on the floor with you, motivating you to go harder; in turn, pushing you to achieve your fitness goals in record time.

Oh, and one of the best things? You can adjust the workout to your current fitness level. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total beginner or a total fitness addict. Low-impact, or high-impact, our coaches can provide the necessary progressions to help each student–so you leave every session sweaty and inspired. If you’re looking for more individualised coaching, practice, partnering, and support in a safe and supportive environment (without going into personal one-on-one training), this is it.

Bootcamps, Strength, Cardio & Functional Training Classes

Created with functionality in mind, our outdoor fitness classes mix cardio and resistance, while playing with different training concepts to ensure you get the best results from the workout–in just an hour. Expect a heart rate-raising mix of functional exercises like squats, kettlebell overhead lunges, and seated kettlebell shoulder press and cardio activities. Not only will you burn calories, but you’ll also take your fitness to the next level. Build fitness and strength while improving flexibility, balance, agility, and even core strength.

Beginner? Don’t worry. Our fully-qualified and trained instructors can accommodate all fitness levels, ensuring that everyone leaves the workout feeling challenged but successful. Not to mention, our instructors will first demonstrate proper technique and exercise execution, so you can crush your workout with no fears of injuries. Ultimately, if you want to be healthier, fitter, faster, and stronger, this is it. Achieve your goals (and more!) with our boot camps, strength, cardio & functional training classes.

School & Team sports training – After-School care programs

Resistance bands. Free weights. Weight machines… And even bodyweight exercises. Our school team sports training focuses on the application of resistance, plyometrics, agility, and speed training to enhance the athletic performance of young athletes–transforming them into high-level performers. The little ones won’t only gain better psychomotor skills, either. They will also learn essential life skills about sportsmanship, mental fortitude, and teamwork. All in a professional, fun, and stress-free environment. Speaking of the environment: our school team sports training can be held right in the convenience of the kiddos’ schools. This way, there’s no extra travelling involved. And that means more time to work on their sporting skills!

Want to spark your little tot’s love for sports at an early age? While scoring extra time to yourself? Then our after-school care, which caters for any child between the ages of 4-6 years, is just what you’re looking for. With our wide range of physical activities available, from bodyweight exercises to weightlifting to boxing, we promise the little ones are going to leave feeling fitter, more mentally energised, and amped to take on the world. 

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