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Course overview

A personal trainer or group instructor; it doesn’t matter. The ‘Fundamentals of Boxing & Kickboxing’ certification course is designed for anyone who wants to master the art of punching and kicking–then, use that knowledge and understanding to teach the correct technique, combinations, and drills to suit your clients and/or class participants. 

This course will prepare you to teach truly unforgettable, highly-effective boxing and kickboxing classes. Also helps you expand your marketable fitness skills.

Shapehouse honors the code of ethics as stipulated by Fitness Australia.

Learning outcomes

You’ll learn correct kickboxing and boxing techniques, then progress right through to teaching these to clients/class participants through your newly-learned skills of cueing and pad-holding (i.e. focus pads and kick shields). 

By the end of the course, you’ll not only be confident in delivering punches and kicks, but also in receiving them while holding the pads or kick shields. You’ll also learn how to create specialized workouts including Strength & Conditioning,  run kickboxing & boxing classes that’ll push participants to reach their goals safely and effectively. The basic combative kickboxing & boxing techniques may also be scaled down and used for fitness training purposes along with the Strength & conditioning components. 

Of course, there are many more things you’ll learn during the kickboxing & boxing certification course. So here’s a teaser:

  • Master your kickboxing & boxing techniques (e.g. uppercuts, hooks, and footwork)
  • Beginner to advanced kickboxing & boxing techniques and progressions
  • Explain and demonstrate boxing and kickboxing moves–from basic to combination movements
  • Correct pad-holding techniques 
  • Identify any incorrect form and how to advise accordingly
  • Design safe kickboxing & boxing classes for all fitness levels
  • Design, teach and run Strength & Conditioning Exercises  
  • Application of first aid to clients where required
  • Basic nutrition knowledge in line with nationally-endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines
  • General nationally-endorsed public health information to support positive client health outcomes 


Course structure

The ‘Fundamentals of Boxing & Kickboxing’ certification course is available in 2 formats:

  • 1-Day course 5 CEC points (The fundamentals of Boxing & Kickboxing)
  • 2-Day course  12 CEC points Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength & Conditioning)

Wondering about the difference between the two? In short: the 2-day course covers basic strength and conditioning exercises that you can incorporate into your kickboxing & boxing sessions to enhance your clients/participants’ performance. Exercises include the slam ball, squats, and battle ropes, amongst others. This component is absent in the 1-day course. 

Our 1-day course is Fitness Australia credited with 5 CEC points while our 2-day course also has Strength & Conditioning is Fitness Australia credited with 12 CEC points.

Regardless, both formats will cover fundamental kickboxing & boxing techniques, how to create a well-balanced session, and teaching tips that’ll help you feel confident in your kicking and punching movements so you deliver a safe and effective workout for your clients.

Course assessment 

You’ll be assessed and scored on your ability to execute correct punching and kicking techniques, receive punches and kicks, and teach a small group of clients (typically other participants) throughout the course duration. 

Why choose Shapehouse?

With a 24-year legacy of accredited expertise and highly-experienced team, Shapehouse is a recognised frontrunner in the kickboxing/boxing & strength & conditioning world. 

We combine the principals of professional kickboxing/boxing training and functional fitness to create a unique training system. One that is not only fun but also truly provides the instructor with the required kickboxing/boxing know-how to design and conduct safe and effective workout sessions. 

Best of all? Our certification course is suitable for all trainer styles; all course materials can be adapted to suit your specific clientele, whether that’s for 1-on-1 sessions or group classes in both kickboxing/boxing and general health & fitness environments.  

Still, need more convincing? Here’s what makes us different from the competition:

  • Safety first, always – Safety is at the heart of everything we do. Here, you don’t have to worry about injuries, no matter if you’re punching/kicking or receiving punches/kicks. We always ensure that each participant has been screened, cleared of injuries, sufficiently warmed-up, and mastered the related technical teachings before any physical activity. 
  • Expert course teachers and course design – Our ‘Fundamentals of Boxing & Kickboxing’ certification course is taught by some of the most respected, experienced, and qualified trainers in the industry (including a former Multiple Boxing Titleholder!) We’re confident to say that they’re all equipped with a wealth of practical experience with clients of all ages, levels, and capabilities.
  • High-quality resources to support your learning – As soon as you’re registered for the course, you’ll have access to our course material, which includes detailed explanations of punches/kicks/combinations, setups, teaching cues, and even exercise progressions and regressions. It’ll be yours to keep for life. 
  • Access to a fully-equipped kickboxing/boxing gym – Our gym comes complete with everything you need to train and learn: a professional boxing ring, punch bags, free weights, medicine balls, and, of course, those all-important skipping ropes. What better place is there to learn the art of teaching kickboxing/boxing than in a specialised environment like ours?

Course pre-requisites

  1. First-aid certificate
  2. Working with Children Check
  3. The Sport Australia Community Coaching General Principles” online course certificate

Please note that all course participants must come suitably-dressed (thongs are inappropriate!) and ready to participate in course training activities. Do also bring pens and paper/a workbook and towel. Feel free to bring your own water, gloves, focus pads, kick pads, kick shields, as well. 

Our Success Stories!

Been training here for 15yrs and not only are the owners great and supportive, the gym is clean and very friendly and with World Champion Trainers which makes the training even more exciting, getting to work along side fighters, as well as everyday people, looking to get fit and release the tension from the day! Highly recommand this gym!!

Nessy Nu

The Shapehouse team bring such a positive and motivational vibe to the gym.
The instructors are amazing, and always keep the classes interesting and fun.

Sandra Ramirez

I love training at Shapehouse!! The staff is so supportive! They have everything and do everything that I need to meet my personal fitness goals!! Love love love it! I highly recommend getting a membership!!

Breanna Doncovski

Wonderful family orientated and friendly gym. Caters to specific training needs. Amazing and professional trainers!

Shannon Drivas


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