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Simple Tips To Supercharge Your Workouts

Simple Tips to Supercharge Your Workouts

Want to make the most out of your gym time in 2020? Looking to get better results from your training? Simple changes, such as adding yoga to your routine and switching from steady state cardio to HIIT, can maximize your efforts in the gym. It’s no need to invest in fancy equipment and fitness gadgets. Just throw on some workout clothes and start moving!

So, here are a few simple tips to supercharge your workouts:

Try Yoga

Did you know that strength training and yoga go hand in hand? Despite their differences, these two workout methods mix perfectly together. Weight training increases metabolism and helps build lean muscle, while yoga improves your flexibility and relieves stress. All you need are some cheap yoga pants, a T-shirt or a tank top, and a mat. Depending on your schedule, you can lift weights and do yoga on the same day, or on different days.

Switch to HIIT

Breathe new life into your workouts with high intensity interval training! Also known as HIIT, this workout method kick starts your metabolism and melts away fat. It’s the fastest way to burn calories and get in shape. Unlike regular cardio, it only burns fat, not muscle. The best part is that you’ll spend less time in the gym. Most HIIT sessions take less than 15 minutes and torch over 600 calories.

Reduce Rest Periods

Another simple way to supercharge your workouts is to limit rest periods between sets. Studies indicate that rest periods of less than 60 seconds help increase growth hormone levels, leading to better gains and fat loss. If you do it right, you should feel your muscles burning.

Use Free Weights

Leave the gym machines behind and train with free weights to challenge your body! No machine can replace the barbell, dumbbells, or kettle bells. Free weight exercises should be a staple in your workout routine. They are safe, effective, and deliver better results in less time.

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