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Kid's Boxing & Bootcamp

At Shapehouse we specialise in Boxing & Bootcamp for kid's and young adults.

We focus on teaching them our principles, values and fundamentals through working hard in the gym but also mentoring them.

These values are discipline, technique, self belief, integrity, helping others and focusing on developing a strong mind and body.

We see at lot of problems that kids are facing these days, such as self-esteem, bullying and obesity which all can be worked on by our world class trainers and mentors.

We teach them real life skills which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Whether a student wants to be come a professional boxer or just doing it for fun, we have the tools and experience to help them achieve their goals.

We are also an approved Active Kids provider by the NSW state government. Contact us today to enquire about of active kids programs.

Some of the other great benefits of our program is the social skills they will develop through the interaction with fellow students and coaches along with coordination, balance, flexibility, confidence and speed.

Kid's Boxing & Bootcamps Sydney

Kid’s Boxing & Bootcamps Training in Sydney should always be fun and motivating. You can be sure that when you sign up for our kid boxing classes, you are placing your youngster in a fun and exciting boxing program. When your kid has completed our program, you will find they will have higher self-esteem, discipline, in-shape, stronger physically and stronger mentally. Sign up for our kids classes Sydney today!

The Kid Boxing Program at Shapehouse

Your youngster will be trained by our very own former professional fighter. You can be sure that your child will learn the proper fundamentals, self-defense tools, and most importantly self-confidence while keeping them physically fit. Our kid boxing program in Sydney is very motivating, challenging, and very fun.

Our kids boxing classes Sydney teaches basic boxing skills and techniques such as:

  • Stance
  • Guard
  • Movement
  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Hook
  • Combinations

The youngsters will improve their strength and endurance. Kid boxing classes in Sydney will include shadow boxing, bag work, partner drills, cardio calisthenics, pad work and exercises designed to strengthen the core.

Confidence Building and Fitness through Boxing

Improving and building upon self-confidence is the key to a healthy lifestyle for your kid. When you can mix that up with fitness training, you’ve got something special to have your kid involved with. Not only does boxing teach lessons in life for the youth, it also enhances their self-confidence, while at the same time allows them to become physically in-shape.

Self-defense is also important for the youth to learn. Our core focus is on responding the right way and teaching the young kids the values that come with boxing. Your son or daughter will learn the proper ways of defending themselves which will give them more confidence in life. Because of boxing, this is possible.

Mentoring Young Kids

Besides teaching the fundamentals of boxing for kids and getting them physically fit, we focus a lot of our attention on mentoring them. Hard work, values and discipline are at the core of our program. We love to see kids come out of our program with great boxing skills. However, more importantly, we really love to see these young kids grow into strong minded individuals that learn teamwork and social skills through our kid boxing program in Sydney.

Since running our kid boxing classes in Sydney, we have seen that many kids face problems of their own and we are fully aware of every sensitive issue. Bullying, low self-esteem, obesity, neglect and much more. Our greatest satisfaction is to see these kids flip the switch and become strong physically and mentally. We teach them real life skills which they will never forget. They will learn respect for themselves and respect for others.

Shapehouse has the tools and experience to help the youth become stronger through kid boxing classes in Sydney. If a kid wants to become a professional boxer, or if they want to enroll to have fun, our program will help them. They will learn how to believe in themselves and reach any goal. This is all possible through our kid boxing class in Sydney.

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