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Shapehouse is a world class health and fitness centre located in Sydney. Our mission is to help our members and the community create, build and maintain a positive lifestyle whatever the goal is. We also continue to strive for excellence and continued education in the field of Boxing and Kickboxing. We are proud to be producing and nurturing world class and award winning athletes!

Shapehouse honors the code of ethics as stipulated by Fitness Australia.



The aim of the course is to provide
personal trainers with the knowledge
and skill to effectively practice the art
of punching and kicking for ones self
safely. Then to pass that knowledge
onto the client or group through the
skill of cueing and pad holding i.e.
focus pads and kick shields.
By the end of the course the personal
trainer should be confident in delivering
punches and kicks as well as
receiving them while holding the pads
or kick shield.
The professional scope and boundaries
of a Registered Personal Trainer,
Gym Instructor and Group Exercise
Instructor need to be considered at all

CEC approved course


To prep participants to become fully qualified and a Registered exercise professional that includes categories Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor and/or Group Exercise Instructor with the focus on Boxing and Kickboxing. Course includes but not limited to:

  • Pre-exercise health screening
  • Safety and risk assessment and management
  • Application of first aid to clients where required
  • Fitness assessment and analysis in accordance with knowledge and skill obtained through qualification and/or continuing education
  • Development of safe, effective and appropriate exercise programs tailored to client or group needs
  • Exercise delivery inclusive of demonstrating, instructing, monitoring, reviewing and modifying program content including technique, method and progression
  • Working within professional limitations to provide basic healthy eating information and advice through the application of nationally endorsed nutritional standards and guidelines.
  • Provision of general nationally endorsed public health information that will educate and support positive client health outcomes


Shapehouse is a well-recognized brand within the Boxing/kickboxing industry as well as Strength & conditioning world with champion Kickboxer Adam Eddine leading the way in teaching and training. Adam always advocates safety first to ensure the best possible outcome for his students and fighters. This is done by ensuring each participant has been screened correctly, cleared of injuries, warmed up correctly and given the safest coaching to deliver the best result through technical & fundamental teaching.

We are also fully equipped with a boxing arena and all the boxing gear/tools needed to efficiently and safely learn to teach boxing/kickboxing. Our world class coaching staff with their wealth of knowledge and experience is second to none!


There are multiple benefits to be taken from the course at Shapehouse.
Some injuries from conducting boxing with pads are often seen from holding pads incorrectly and not understanding the correct technique. We will build a strong foundation with the participant focusing on safety and technique.

  • Decrease risk of injury to the student
  • Decrease risk of injury to the pad holder
  • Improve student skills and technique
  • Adds a new dimension to a Trainer’s training packages
  • Insurance can then be approved for the Trainer
  • Learning from a former Multiple Boxing Title holder
  • Shapehouse has been established since 1996
  • Shapehouse has its own boxing/ kickboxing gym
  • Shapehouse  already runs one-on-one training
  • Shapehouse  is an advisor to boxing suppliers
Our Success Stories!

Been training here for 15yrs and not only are the owners great and supportive, the gym is clean and very friendly and with World Champion Trainers which makes the training even more exciting, getting to work along side fighters, as well as everyday people, looking to get fit and release the tension from the day! Highly recommand this gym!!

Nessy Nu

The Shapehouse team bring such a positive and motivational vibe to the gym.
The instructors are amazing, and always keep the classes interesting and fun.

Sandra Ramirez

I love training at Shapehouse!! The staff is so supportive! They have everything and do everything that I need to meet my personal fitness goals!! Love love love it! I highly recommend getting a membership!!

Breanna Doncovski

Wonderful family orientated and friendly gym. Caters to specific training needs. Amazing and professional trainers!

Shannon Drivas



Let us know how we can help you. Send us a message or give us a call and we will get right back to you!


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