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Want To Get Certified To Teach?

Want to get certified to teach?

Want to get certified to teach?

With a 24-year legacy of accredited expertise and highly-experienced team, Shapehouse is a recognised frontrunner in the kickboxing/boxing & strength & conditioning world. 

We combine the principals of professional kickboxing/boxing training, functional fitness  & Strength & Conditioning to create a unique training system. One that is not only fun but also truly provides the instructor with the required kickboxing/boxing know-how to design and conduct safe and effective workout sessions.



A personal trainer or group instructor; it doesn’t matter. Our 1 day course “The ‘Fundamentals of Boxing & Kickboxing’  or our 2 day course Boxing/kickboxing and Strength & Conditioning certification courses are designed for anyone who wants to master the art of punching and kicking–then, use that knowledge and understanding to teach the correct technique, combinations, and drills to suit your clients and/or class participants.


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This course will prepare you to teach truly unforgettable, highly-effective boxing and kickboxing classes. Also helps you expand your marketable fitness skills.

Shapehouse is endorsed and approved  by Fitness Australia.

  • 1-Day course 5 CEC points (The fundamentals of Boxing & Kickboxing)
  • 2-Day course  12 CEC points Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength & Conditioning)

Wondering about the difference between the two? In short: the 2-day course covers basic strength and conditioning exercises that you can incorporate into your kickboxing & boxing sessions to enhance your clients/participants’ performance. Exercises include the slam ball, squats, and battle ropes, amongst others. This component is absent in the 1-day course.



Our 1-day course is Fitness Australia credited with 5 CEC points while our 2-day course also has Strength & Conditioning is Fitness Australia credited with 12 CEC points.

Regardless, both formats will cover fundamental kickboxing & boxing techniques, how to create a well-balanced session, and teaching tips that’ll help you feel confident in your kicking and punching movements so you deliver a safe and effective workout for your clients.

Want to find out more, see available dates and book ?  ” CLICK HERE”


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